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Individual Wellness

Food should be a joyous part of your life, and deciding what to eat should be something you look forward to. Julie will help you evaluate where you are, where you’d like to be, and make a plan to get you from here to there, by looking at everything food- and nutrition-related in your life. When you work with Julie, together you will filter through the wellness information that has collected in your head and find clarity in a personalized eating and wellness plan. By taking a look deeper into your unique nutritional needs, discovering what makes you like or dislike certain foods, and addressing the other factors in your life that effect your optimum wellness, Julie will help you create a wellness formula that works for your lifestyle. Julie’s signature system gives you more than just a formula that works when things are perfect, it goes to the next level, it promises to deliver you to your goals when the road isn’t just straight, this is how you have lasting results. Most importantly, your stress around your diet will decrease, allowing you to spend your time and energy enjoying your full life.

The Individual Wellness program includes:

  • Initial Deep Dive Session
  • Multiple 30 minute follow-up sessions (depending on length of program)
  • Ongoing communication with Julie via email, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • Customized recipes, meal plans and wellness strategies

Family Wellness

The cornerstone of a healthy house is healthy eating, and it’s important for every member of the family to be involved in your commitment to a nutritious life. This is often easier said than done, given the various food preferences, restrictions and allergies that run throughout each family, but that’s where a professional can help. Julie will meet with everyone in your household to determine food likes and dislikes, wants and needs, and help you create a plan for food prepping, cooking and eating that will work well for your entire family, and decrease the amount of stress that meals may cause. One of the main goals of this program is for parents to stop having to cook different meals for each member of the family, and to be able to answer the dreaded nightly “What’s for dinner?” question with confidence.

The Family Wellness program includes:

  • A two-month family nutrition program
  • Four sessions with Julie (one 60-minute intro session and three 30-minute follow-ups)
  • Ongoing communication with Julie via e-mail, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • Customized recipes, meal plans and wellness strategies for the family as a whole

Corporate Wellness

The unique pressures and time constraints that top-tier professionals face can often interfere with their personal wellness, but at the same time, healthy and happy people produce better work! Julie has worked with several organizations, including Lululemon, Boston Magazine, Bracebridge Capital, Toro and Coppa restaurants, and MaidPro to bring wellness into the office space, and improve the happiness of Boston’s busiest workers. Some of these corporate wellness offerings include:

– Workshops, seminars and tailored programs for a team or company

– Weight Loss Group programs and wellness challenges.

  • Virtual Lunch and Learns about topics such as: Boosting Immunity, Heart Health, Work from Home meal ideas, Nutrition 101 and Defining Your Healthy Diet.
  • Yoga and Meditation


We start with food, but sometimes we need some extra attention to specific nutrients. After our initial session or some other time during our wellness journey supplements may benefit your program. Julie has partnered with Standard Process to offer her existing clients medical grade supplemental nutrition; Standard process uses ingredients that are grown on their own farm in Wisconsin and are considered the gold standard in the supplement industry.

Julie will discuss what your supplement options are and make sure it not only supplements but compliments your nutrition program so you can reach optimum health.

To read more about the Standard Process products or to place an order:

To complete a purchase order, Julie will give you her practitioner code.

Supplement Products and Consultation


After pregnancy I knew I needed a better way of maintaining a healthy weight while nourishing my body. In my 40+ years I gained and lost 50+ pounds three times (once was pregnancy). I knew how to diet but I did not really to understand how to eat! In my late 30s I gained 10 pounds that I could not lose. Julie is easy to work with, her method is simple but incredibly effective! Sometimes she gave me a kick in the pants when I needed it it…but she was also there with a shoulder to lean on when that was what was needed most. I would highly recommend Julie for not only understanding how to nourish yourself but also for her uplifting way of dealing with emotional patterns of eating, She has great strategies for helping one deal with life events (eating out with friends) to those moments when you just can’t stop at one. She provides thoughtful insights on how you can eat better every day without avoiding every beloved food (oh hello chocolate)! She has a balanced approach that focuses on teaching YOU how to be in control of YOU, making good decisions about your health without sacrificing the joy so many of us find at mealtime. If you are looking for a partner in your journey to better wellness, better eating, better nourishment then I highly recommend Julie Starr…she will give you what your mind and body need to succeed!

Kira G.

“I honestly do not know where to start. Julie Starr is absolutely amazing- inside and out. As someone who struggled with disordered eating for quite a few years, I was in significant need of a nutritionist. I found Julie through a simple web search and the instant I met with Julie I knew it was a match! Julie is not your typical nutritionist with a “one-fit cures all approach.” Julie always treated me like a human being with compassion, sincerity, and honesty. Julie was more than a nutritionist to me- she was a teacher, motivator, and friend during a period of my life when I was truly struggling. I know that I can reach out to Julie at any moment in time and she would still treat me with the same compassion and sincerity that she did when I regularly saw her. Overall, I truly do not know where I would be if I had not met Julie. Everyday I channel my “Julie-isms” as I am forever grateful for having met her and the work that she helped me to accomplish.”

Sara G.

I have had several sessions with Julie and learned more info. and helpful life changing tips and mindset than I expected. Her work was truly life- changing for me. Working with her was like having my very own food whisperer- throughout our wellness journey I could always count on her support and direction. I can’t recommend her enough!!

Kristina Tsipouras, founder of Boston Business Women and Coachspace

Having Julie as a nutritionist has been so helpful to both my husband and myself. Life has become overwhelming and exhausting at times this year, but having Julie help us through our daily meals and food choices has helped make life a little smoother. She’s knowledgeable, helpful and straightforward with nutrition and how it helps your overall health.

Amara and Dan C.

I hired Julie as my nutritionist about 10 weeks ago because I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the misinformation surrounding nutrition out there. Julie simplified the process of meal planning, gave me a few great tips and tricks, and helped me reach my initial goal of having more energy throughout the day and for my workouts. And as a bonus I’ve lost 20 pounds!

Susan J.

Julie is amazing! I have struggled with weight for most of my life and I think i have tried most diets. Julie’s approach really worked for me. She establishes a relationship with each of her clients and works individually to come up with a plan that meets their needs. Julie is flexible and understands that everyone has different lifestyles and goals. Our one on one sessions have been invaluable, she is honest, non judgmental and fun!

Betsy M.