Meet Julie

Hi, my name is Julie and I want to give you a wellness life raft- we are living in a world that is drowning in information, from google searches to instagram photos, we are inundated- most of us feel like we can’t take a breathe, let alone make a decision when it comes to our wellness. That’s where I come in, together we dive deep into what your roadblocks are when it comes to your health goals and we build strategies that will seamlessly thrive in your already full life. You know that your diet and wellness choices can improve your quality of life, and I’m here to help you define them and maintain them. A life raft with a built in cheerleader that actually knows her stuff? Yes, that’s me.


I’m Here to Help

At some point in your life, have you ever had a turbulent relationship with food- from trying out the new trend you know you should have passed up (think of it like the latest fashion trend, but this one can effect your health) to spending just too much energy thinking about your next meal? Just like a close member of the family, food is one of those things in life that we love and cannot survive without, but occasionally it can cause a struggle, and bring us to our highest highs and lowest lows. Food can make us happy, food can make us sad, food can give us energy, food can make us feel like crap. But I’m here to tell you that food is AMAZING, and just like a great marriage counselor, I’m here to help you flip the switch on your turbulent relationship with your eating habits – so that you and your dietary regime can live happily ever after.


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