Foods that warm you up when the weather cools down
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When it gets cold outside, we often turn to hot drinks or cooked food, as opposed to raw to warm us up- but do they really?
Here are my top 5 suggested foods to help warm you up this winter:

1. Cumin- this spice offers a gentler “heat” to your body, which increases your body temp without causing you to sweat as much as chili pepper. You can add cumin to just about anything- eggs, cauliflower, or chicken to name a few.

2. Bananas- this fruit contains B vitamins and magnesium, which help your body regulate its temperature when exposed to cold weather. Add a half banana to your smoothie or yogurt.

3. Fiber- the media usually emphasizes its ability to keep you full, but fiber will also increase your body temperature because your body has to work harder to digest it. Choose whole grains with complex carbohydrates over processed grains with simple carbs.

4. Ginger- what is ginger not good for? This wonder root has been used medicinally for centuries- add fresh ginger to a veggie sauté or make ginger tea (but not too hot!).

5. Coconut oil- when this healthy fat is broken down, energy is created, and your core temperature goes up. A couple of tablespoons a day is all you need.
Whether you are a skier, snow angel-maker, or the cozy-up in a blanket type, if you want to warm up, your food choices can be a big help.

Stay warm and healthy!

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